Music promoter Rockin’ On has a completely different scale in mind when it comes to its New Year’s finale. Countdown Japan runs for four days from Dec. 28, presenting a winter holidays mini-education in Japanese alternative rock. Appearing in eight halls at the cavernous Makuhari Messe will be everyone from indie stalwarts Eastern Youth, Ogre You Asshole, etc. to jazzy Soil & “Pimp” Sessions to Pop darlings Puffy and Perfume to rockers Jeepta and Mo’some Tonebender to the jittery Cindy Lauper wannabees Shakalabbits to … well the list goes on and on. Take your pick of spending the final minutes of 2011 with The Bawdies, HiGe, TOTALFAT, Elephant Kashimashi or the resident DJs soultoday, puke! and Getting Better (not necessarily in that order).

Dec. 28-31
Tickets: ¥10,000-¥ 30,000    Venue: Makuhari Messe
Nearest station: Kaihin Makuhari (JR Keiyo)