Deadly protests that rippled through the Muslim world over an anti-Islam film have taken root in Indonesia, AP reports.

According to reports, a demonstration on Monday started off peacefully with the group pausing for their afternoon prayers in front of the embassy. However, the outraged Muslims clashed with police and authorities later on, shouting “Allah Akbar” or God is great, while allegedly throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails. Protesters are also reported to have set a US flag ablaze and attempted to ignite a fire truck. Police attempted to break up the crowd using water cannons and tear gas. Protesters screamed, “We will destroy America like this flag!” and “We will chase away the American ambassador from the country!”.

A spokesman for the protest group Front of Islamic Defenders told reporters that “the American government must be responsible for the filmmaker who insulted Islam regardless of laws protecting freedom of speech.”

“We will continue to protest until the US government takes proper legal action against them,” the spokesman added. The US embassy issued a warning to American citizens earlier on Monday following similar actions by the embassy in Yemen. Rioters scaled the walls of the embassy, forcing the mission to close consular services.