A Chinese-owned company said it would pursue legal action against US President Barack Obama over an “unconstitutional” order to stop the group’s wind farm project, the Financial Times reports.

Ralls Corp.’s plan to build wind farms near a US navy test site in Oregon was halted by an order issued by the president Friday afternoon, demanding the company to sell four wind farm sites in Oregon within 90 days and to clear out equipment and structures off the sites within 14 days. “There is credible evidence that [Ralls] … might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States,” the statement said.

The two Chinese executive of Ralls claimed that “the president violated constitutional protections on property and legal process”.

“The president is not above the law, even if the national security is involved,” a source familiar with the matter told FT. The company wants the order nullified or be paid compensation for its losses.

The case is the first lawsuit filed against Mr. Obama, underlining the brimming tensions in trade relations between the US and China that has been the discourse of election campaigns.