A Chinese court on Monday ruled a woman must visit her elderly mother every two months in eastern Jiangsu province, the first case under a new law to protect the elderly.

The People’s Court in Beitang district, Wuxi City, handed down the verdict to the woman, requiring her to visit her 77-year-old mother at least once every two months and during at least two public holidays every year. Under the law, the woman must also provide financial assistance, Global Times reported.

The elderly woman, identified only by her surname, Chu, sued her daughter for neglecting her. Chu’s daughter had not visited her since the two had a falling out in September, according to state media.

The daughter and her husband could be fined or detained should they fail to visit, according to Xinhua.

The ruling came on the same day a new regulation aimed at protecting the rights of elderly in China was passed.

The new “Elderly Rights Law” requires adult children to provide mental support in addition to financial support and life care, to their elderly parents, and orders them to “regularly” visit them.