The International School of The Sacred Heart—Celebrating a Century 0f Learning

The International School of the Sacred Heart (ISSH), Tokyo, is a multicultural English-speaking Catholic school that warmly welcomes students and families from many faiths. This year we celebrate 100 years of providing students with the necessary skills to enable them to become critical thinkers and effective leaders.

ISSH offers a core curriculum—the basis of a sound liberal education—designed to develop the whole person. The curriculum is drawn from international curricula that is continually being broadened to include the best practices from around the world. Special  programs such as the ‘Advanced Placement’ and ‘English as a Second Language’ (ESL), are crucial components of the school’s academic life.

Students are also encouraged to participate in activities and afterschool clubs to expand their interests and develop their skills. This is an important aspect of development. Students have an abundance of options available to them such as art clubs, choral festivals, speech competitions, and sporting activities.

The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes for three, four and five-year-olds are co-educational, while grades 1-12 are girls only. ISSH is centrally located in Tokyo and accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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K. International School

K. International School—Learning Through Excursions

At K. International School Tokyo (KIST) we encourage our students and teachers to view the world outside of school—and the people in it—as a valuable resource for learning. We believe that for students to make meaningful connections, their learning should have relevance beyond the classroom.

To explore the world outside of school, we provide our students with a range of off-campus learning experiences. These experiences are carefully planned to ensure students are able to use these trips to enhance their learning and develop skills, in a context. Teachers at KIST seek opportunities for students to attend excursions that will support their learning. Excursions from our school have included trips to recycling centers, local disaster relief centers, aquariums, beaches, farms, businesses and museums.

At K. International, we also provide opportunities for students to travel away from school on camps, overnight excursions and overseas trips. These excursions are aimed at assisting students to develop outdoor skills, independence, open-mindedness and to take part in action/community service projects. These events have included Habitat for Humanity trips to Thailand, ski trips, trips to Nikko, as well as leadership and adventure camps at North Star, Nagano.

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Belgrave International School

Belgrave International School—Developing Independence in the Global Community

Belgrave International Preschool was founded in 2004. At Belgrave preschool we focus on the development of each child as a student and individual. Children are immersed into a safe, positive environment that affords them the ability not only to develop independence, but also to become a responsible citizen.

In the classroom we emphasize the importance of tolerance, adaptability, teamwork, and the use of effective communication skills. The Preschool curriculum teaches basic phonics and theme-based language acquisition on monthly subjects. We acknowledge different learning styles and expose each child to a variety of learning techniques on a daily basis. These include audio, visual, and tactile methods.

As an educational institution, Belgrave International School is committed to developing each student to function successfully in primary schools and within their communities. Our hope is that with the combined efforts of teachers and parents, students can grow, flourish, and fulfill their potentials in life as empowered citizens of our increasingly global society.

Our new kindergarten, which will open in April in Hikarigaoka, will focus not only on academic studies but also on developing the values of love, respect and self-importance.

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New International School

New International School—Learning Outside and Inside the Classroom in English and Japanese

New International School (New I.S.) uses a thematic based approach with developmental guidelines supported by the Scottish Curriculum, Dual-Language and Multiage practices. Teachers facilitate activities in English or Japanese, so the children acquire the concepts in both languages.

Trips are especially important as they give basis for follow-up activities in either or both languages. Recent trips have included, grape-picking, visits to an Egyptian exhibit, seeing the film Earth, orienteering in the area of the school, the Ueno Science Museum, the Edo Architectural Museum, a Persian restaurant where the children experienced ancient Persian musical instruments, and JAICA in Yokohama.

Last fall, classes from New I.S. made overnight field trips to Nambo Discovery Camp in Chiba Prefecture. Each trip featured beach exploration, collecting shells and making necklaces, a scavenger hunt, habitat studies, a night-hike listening to the sounds of darkness and roasting marshmallows around a camp fire. Teams took turns preparing the meals for everyone.

Preschool trips have included apple picking followed by baking activities, and a trip to a park to return classroom frogs to their habitat for hibernation. Fun and knowledge for all, and in two or more languages!

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Evergreen Outdoor Center

Evergreen Outdoor Center—Serious Fun in Hakuba for School Trips

Evergreen Outdoors school trips are the ultimate get-away for kids who are keen to have some serious fun! From canoeing, kayaking, hiking and rock climbing to nature games, mountain biking and campfires, there’s never a dull moment.

Based in Nagano, on Lake Aokiko (15 minutes from Hakuba Station), school groups can stay in lakeside cabins or tents for a true natural camping experience. Children awake each day to the sounds of nature and are guided on daily discoveries in the local mountains by Evergreen’s ever-enthusiastic guides.

Our excursions for school groups can be customized to suit both your curriculum and budget. Parents and educators can feel at ease knowing their kids are in safe hands and having a wonderful experience in the outdoors.

The Evergreen Outdoor Center has been operating guided tours in the Hakuba area since 2000. Evergreen has been instrumental in developing outdoor activities, ecological tours and mountain safety courses in the region. The mission of the Evergreen Outdoor Center is to allow for the growth and development of the human spirit through personal interaction with nature, physical challenges and teamwork—all with a strong emphasis on individual needs and safety.

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International Secondary School

International Secondary School—Cherishing Multi-Culturalism

International Secondary School (ISS) values above all the individual. We believe that for each child to reach their potential they need to feel supported in a positive environment where adult mentors continually encourage.

ISS students and staff foster a community where acceptance is taught, practiced and valued. From the international food party to the interscholastic athletic competitions, where students from a host of countries work together in pursuit of a common goal, ISS fosters the ideal climate for understanding others. Our qualified and experienced staff represent diverse backgrounds and sees multiculturalism as a profound asset to be nurtured and cherished. In addition, ISS operates diverse theatre, music and visual arts programs as well as a number of extracurricular activities.

One major highlight of our school year is the annual ski and snowboard trip. It is a wonderful opportunity for both students and staff to interact in a scenically stunning environment outside the school and the city. Some students have their first experience of snow with ISS, but by the last day of the trip everyone is skiing or snowboarding. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable, satisfying experience for everyone involved.

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Gregg International School

Gregg International School—Year Round Extra Curricular Learning

Gregg International School holds many events to support our firm belief that education is far more than the lessons studied in the classroom. We like to provide opportunities for active participation and enjoyment in the richness of life and community.

Every September, a family picnic is held at Kinuta Park to give Gregg students and their families an opportunity to develop understanding, communication, and trust. During the Christmas season a concert is held where students exhibit newly-found talents in music and theater. Other holidays are also celebrated and become memorable educational experiences. On our annual field trip to Zoorasia in Yokohama, students solidify knowledge gained in the classroom by experiencing it first hand, while having a wonderful day with teachers and friends. In April, Gregg holds a spring festival on its Jiyugaoka campus. The festival is an opportunity to offer thanks to the parents, students and community for their work and support throughout the year, by providing fun, games, music, and multi-cultural foods.

Gregg International School offers classes for students from age two to twelve, in core subjects as well as art, music, and Japanese.

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Horizon Japan International School

Horizon Japan International School—Learning and Enrichment in Kanagawa

Horizon Japan International School (HJIS) is one of the three international schools that are accredited by the Kanagawa Government. We provide a high quality, all-English education for students from three years of age through junior high school. We are also a member of the ECIS. (European Council of International School).

Horizon has three campuses in two major cities. Currently there is a PreK-9 campus in Yokohama, and a PreK-6 campus in Tokyo. Unique to Japan, the campus in Shibuya holds exchange activities with a Japanese elementary school using shared facilities.

Established in 2003, we already have students representing over 20 nationalities. HJIS is strongly committed to developing international and multi-cultural perspectives among our students. We work with other schools around the world in setting new standards of excellence to prepare our students to meet the challenges of the future. Learning is realized through school- or grade-wide themes. These are supported by the possibilities of enrichment afforded by the cultural and technological setting of Japan via school trips. The students of Shibuya visited the Shinagawa Aquarium and Kawatsura Strawberry Farm, and the Yokohama
students visited Meiji chocolate factory to see how chocolate is made.

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The American School

The American School—106 Years of Respected Education

The American School in Japan (ASIJ) was founded in 1902 to provide a high quality education to expatriate business, embassy, and missionary families. Today, with diverse curricular and extra-curricular offerings, a highly qualified faculty of nearly 150, and over 1,600 students from more than 40 countries, ASIJ is one of the oldest and most respected international institutions in Japan.

ASIJ is a private, college preparatory school for students from three years of age through twelfth grade. Students at all grade levels—from the Early Learning Center in Roppongi to the high school on the Chofu campus—have the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Japan through a wide variety of field trips. These range from our preschool students visiting the local soba shop in Roppongi to seventh grade field trips to Hiroshima.

In high school, the JUMP program sees students travel nationwide to explore Japan and experience everything from Okinawan music and taiko drumming in Nagano, making wagashi (traditional sweets) in Kyoto and home-staying on a farm in Niigata.

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Happy Days International Preschool and Kindergarten

Happy Days International Preschool and Kindergarten—A Calendar of Happy Trips Out

With the warmer weather approaching over the coming weeks, Happy Days children will soon be discarding their winter hats, gloves and coats. In keeping with spring and cherry blossom viewing, we will take some fun-filled picnic lunches to the park. These excursions are always popular with our children and used as a way of educating the children about nature. Being located in beautiful Ebisu away from the noise and congestion that dominates Tokyo, we can explore many parks within our neighborhood on a daily basis.

Towards the end of May, we have a special trip planned for our ‘big kids’—our annual ‘Happy Days Sleepover’ which has become a yearly trip away. This night is filled with cooking, games and laughter before lights out. It really is an adventure for all of them.

Later in the year we will also make our annual trip to the zoo and aquarium for some more wonderful learning experiences outside of the classroom. The chance to see so many animals provides our children with a wonderful insight into the animal kingdom and is a great opportunity for the children to ask questions and make observations. Then by visiting our local fire and police station we are also able to convey to the children, in their terms, the importance of safety and any potential dangers that they should be aware of.

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Seta International School

Seta International School—Academics and Creativity

The mission of Seta International School is based on what all parents wish for their children: to foster a strong sense of balance between their child’s physical, emotional, social and academic well-being. Our diverse curriculum addresses this by nurturing children through a wellequipped, home-away-from-home classroom environment emphasizing strong academics and creativity.

In addition to this, we conduct several field trips throughout the year, providing students with a unique view of their world. We believe such activities are an essential vehicle for a well-rounded education. These field trips include a visit to the Tamagawa Fire Station, imohori (autumn sweet potato harvesting at a local farm), strolling beneath the cherry blossoms at nearby Kinuta Park, and a surprise end-of-year field trip to a popular children’s attraction in Tokyo.

Our school is conveniently located near both St. Mary’s and Seisen International Schools, and welcomes children ages eighteen months to six years old. Our curriculum is tailored to nurture children of all linguistic and educational backgrounds in order to help them meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized society.

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English Studio

English Studio—The ‘Community’ School

Founded in 1985, English Studio consists of three unique schools in Mita, Meguro and Setagaya. The school’s mission is to nurture confident, independent global communications. By offering a range of theme-based course for all levels, from beginner to returnee, English Studio places the focus on learning in English rather than rote learning of English.

English Studio is a community school where students and parents feel a sense of ownership and get actively involved in events such as Sports Day, School Festivals, Halloween, Christmas Party, and summer school excursions. Last year for the school festival, each school had various events such as flea markets, bake sales and mochi pounding. A great time was had by all and in the spirit of the schools motto—Your Community School, cultural events are held at the annual school festivals to share great times and experiences between the students and the local community.

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Aoba-Japan International School

Aoba-Japan International School—It’s Carnival Time and You’re Invited!

The Aoba-Japan International School (A-JIS) Family Community welcomes one and all to come and enjoy their 2008 Carnival, which will be held on Sunday, April 13 at the A-JIS Suginami Campus. The event is open to the public and includes a raffle with many fantastic prizes including four round-trip tickets to Hawaii with accommodation!

In addition, ethnic food booths from ten different countries, a flea market, entertainment with a variety of live performances, A-JIS Student Council game booths, and teachers getting ‘dunked’ with ice-cold water in the ever-popular dunk tank. This event has become an annual tradition at the school, giving parents and children an opportunity to enjoy the community and get a sense of what A-JIS is all about.

Win a raffle prize, shop the flea market and mingle with Tokyo’s friendliest international parents, all the while enjoying foods from around the world at Aoba-Japan International School’s Spring Carnival 2008. Celebrate the season with 2,000 other participants including parents, children, and local community members at Aoba-Japan International School, Suginami Campus on Sunday, April 13th from 10am to 5pm.

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PAL International School

PAL International School—Ten Years of Fun Activities

This year, PAL reached its 10th anniversary. Many changes have been seen over the past ten years but the one thing PAL has kept the same is our core philosophy of individual care and low teacher–student ratio. PAL believes each and every child carries a special talent and it is in our hands to make the most of it.

PAL has always felt privileged for the opportunity to work with children from so many parts of the world. To take full advantage of our families from almost 20 countries, we have an International Week (March 10–14) where parents can present something from their countries to the students.

Last summer at PAL, the children experienced three weeks of fairy tale adventures and this year again, we will further cultivate our imagination and language skills through various stories. For three weeks PAL will introduce 15 famous fairy tales to our students. Summer is for splish-splashing fun! We will have a week of water play with our hand-made water toys. And this is the year of the Olympics. PAL will hold its own Olympics too. Who will get the gold medal? In the many changes to come in the next 10 years, PAL seeks to maintain our privileged educational environment for each and every student to come.

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Saint Maur International School

Saint Maur International SchoolEimi Sato and her 7th Grade Excursion to Enoshima

Saint Maur International School, Yokohama, Japan—established in 1872 to provide an education for children of all nationalities and denominations—is the oldest international school in Japan. Here, a Saint Maur student, Eimi Sato, talks about her school trip to Enoshima: “The two seventh grade classes, 7E and 7G, went on an excursion to Enoshima Island and Enoshima Aquarium. We all met at Yamate Station at 8am on the 12th of October. The teachers who went with us were Mrs Engstrom, Mr Fletcher, Ms Gillam, Mr Yoshii, and Mrs Stucken-Haigh (she used to teach at Saint Maur).

To get there it took about an hour, so we arrived there at 9am. Enoshima has a very nice view. The Iwaya caves we went to were dark, wet, huge, and when we spoke our voices echoed. I enjoyed exploring the caves, but it took quite a lot of time to get there and some of my friends got tired of climbing the stairs!

Another place we went to was the Enoshima aquarium. The aquarium in Enoshima is pretty new. It was very big and nice. The aquarium had lots to explore. The most enjoyable things to do there were in the jellyfish fantasy hall and the touching pool. At the touching pool, my friend and I touched a shark!”

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Doremi Garden Preschool International

Doremi Garden Preschool International—Excursions to Let Children’s Hearts Grow

We believe that real life experiences make children’s hearts grow. That’s why we go on so many school trips. We select excursion places according to our monthly activities. Children learn many things during field trips using all five of their senses—especially important for preschool aged children.

Doremi Garden children went to the zoo, the aquarium, the transportation museum, the National Science Museum, the circus, Kidzania, Tokyo Sesame Place, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Aoyama children’s castle, a fire station and more. They also went Easter egg hunting in the park, strawberry picking, and digging sweet potatoes.

At the fire station we tried the earthquake experience room. Children listened and followed instructions, going under the table with a cushion on their heads while the room was shaking. We often do emergency drills at school but the real experience helped the children to realize what an earthquake is like.

Children at Doremi Garden learn basic English skills (writing, reading and expressing themselves). Students also experience fun theme activities, international annual events, and are introduced to Japanese events, manners, feelings, PE, music and movement, plus science experiments—all in a happy environment.

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Gymboree—Play, Music, and Art to Start Out Learning

Our philosophy at Gymboree Play & Music is that structured play is an excellent way for a child to learn. Our trained bilingual teachers, specially designed wooden and foam equipment, and a variety of props all create an environment that stimulates your child’s physical, cognitive and social development.

Gymboree offers a diverse selection of age-appropriate play, music and art classes for parents to experience with their children. During our themed events, parents and their children participate in unique play, music and craft activities. For example, at our recent Winter Wonderland Party, participants went on a ‘sleigh ride’, danced with Gymbo and learned about global traditions.

Whether you are attending one of our special events or unique classes, at Gymboree your child will learn social skills, practice sharing, explore new ideas and make new friends. As a parent, you can network with other parents and learn new songs and activities to share with your child. With you by their side, the action, fun and learning never ends. Come experience how much fun learning with your child can be—sign up for a free trial today! Free trials are offered Monday through Saturday.

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