by Vivian Giang

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization where members can be actively involved in strengthening Canada and Japan’s relationship. We have been representing and serving Canadian business in Japan since 1975, offering a variety of activities and opportunities for networking and developing business contacts.

However, the CCCJ is much more than a business organization. “The CCCJ offers members a community and supports Canadians in a number of ways,” says Peter Williams, President and CEO of Orbitune Inc. and a CCCJ member since 2005. “Whatever you are pursuing in Japan, you have the support of other members.”

In addition to promoting Canada and Canadian business in Japan, the CCCJ engages in numerous advocacy issues. CCCJ members initiated and sustained efforts for a bilateral pension reciprocity treaty, which ultimately led to the signing of the Canada-Japan Social Security Agreement on February 15, 2006. This is just one example of the real, concrete, ways that the CCCJ is working to effect change and deepen ties between Canada and Japan.

Philip O’Neill, Manager, Business Development of McGill Japan (CCCJ member since 1997), and outgoing CCCJ President says, “The CCCJ is one of the most important venues for a smaller organization like McGill to connect to the wider business community in Japan and the Canadian community in particular.”

The CCCJ organizes a wide range of events that provide excellent opportunities to hear from exceptional speakers including Canadian and Japanese business leaders, innovators, and visiting government officials. With a growing membership base, the CCCJ is an effective avenue to help you create more business opportunities. We welcome professionals of all nationalities— the only prerequisite is an interest in Canada. Join today and get connected!

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Every year, the CCCJ hosts the Maple Leaf Ball, the major social highlight for the Canadian community and for the many friends of Canada who live and work in Japan. 2008 year ball will be held on Friday, November 16 at the Westin Tokyo. The theme, All that Glitters…Canada, will highlight Canada’s glittering resources and natural beauty. Canadian, Japanese, and other friends of Canada are all invited to attend this elegant event. We look forward to seeing you there!