Canada has set aside a troubled nuclear history with India to move ahead with investments in nuclear energy, The Times of India reports.

Foreign minister John Baird said Canada wants to sell nuclear reactors to India on the sidelines of a meeting with foreign minister S.M. Krishna in New Delhi. “We have turned the page with India. India is a very different country today,” Mr. Baird said.

Mr. Krishna told The Times of India, “We also look forward to early completion of negotiations on Appropriate Arrangements for the bilateral Civil Nuclear Cooperation Arrangement signed in 2010”.

New Delhi is seeking to buy oil and gas from the emerging energy superpower and plans to use a Canadian route to ship out US oil and gas. Baird said that Canada was also ready to supply oil and gas to India. “We value and welcome Indian investment in natural resources and energy,” he said. The two nations are also moving forward with bilateral investment protection pact and a comprehensive economic partnership agreement.

The meeting between both countries’ foreign ministers took place ahead of a November summit visit by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.