Celebrating the new Showa campus

The British School in Tokyo (BST) has just opened a new, uniquely designed school for children aged 9-14. BST Showa is based at Showa Women’s University in Setagaya-ku,  an easy 10-minute bus ride from Shibuya.

In order to commemorate the opening of this ex­citing new campus, students, parents, and very special guests (including Sir Graham Fry, the British Ambassador and Ms. Noriko Hitomi, Chancellor of Showa Wom­en’s University) gathered on Sep. 28 for a gala opening ceremony. Highlights of the day included taiko perform­ances by students, ribbon cutting, canapes provided by Gordon Ramsay, and best of all, a giant cake!

And everyone certainly has reason to celebrate. BST Showa’s impressive new school has been designed to appeal to children and teachers alike. Colors and shapes define different learning areas. From soft cus­tard yellows and marshmallow pinks to vibrant orang­es and lime greens, the new school is awash with color, geometries, and images. Bold student photographs (the winning pictures from a school-wide competi­tion) decorate the four pods that punctuate the main walkway. These scenes of everyday Tokyo life are cou­pled with soft carpeted floors, creating a space where students can relax with friends or even listen to music. With sockets for pocket-sized music players, children can simply plug in and log off from the world for a few minutes in an audio shower.

A state-of-the-art science laboratory features ergonomically shaped worktops, allowing small groups of children to gather round to watch experiments, encouraging group interaction and learning. In ad­dition, BST Showa has a dedicated music suite with sound-proofed rooms and a vast collection of musi­cal instruments and electronic equipment. This is in addition to the latest in IT innovation plus hi-tech teaching equipment (including an interactive white board in every classroom).

British School students

Both Michael Farley, Head Teacher of BST, and Simon Walker, Head of BST Showa couldn’t contain their excite­ment about the new campus, and welcome prospective students and parents to stop by and take a look.

For further information, please contact: Mr. Simon Walker, Head of Secondary, BST Showa, Tel.03-3411-4211, [email protected]

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