Park Habio Azabu Tower is a modern high rise apartment block located just a stone’s throw away from Tokyo’s most recognizable icon, the Eiffel Tower-inspired Tokyo Tower. Just a short distance from the international neighborhoods of Azabu Juban and Roppongi, a full supermarket and the lush greenery of Shiba Park are also both within a five-minute walk from the property.

The bilingual concierge staff is on duty seven days a week to cater to the needs of residents, however great or small. Another unique service available is a bicycle rental option, eliminating the need for residents to purchase their own bicycles in order to travel short distances within the city. Although all units are unfurnished, each is equipped with a state- of-the-art washer and dryer.

* Special offer exclusively for Weekender readers! Mention Weekender to the bilingual staff when making your inquiry and receive a 50 percent discount on the agency fee (through January 31, 2010).

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