Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard slammed the opposition party over a controversial menu which she said follows a pattern of misogynist behaviour.

The menu under scrutiny, which was used at a fundraiser hosted by opposition Liberal Party leader Mal Brough, contains a dish named after Gillard and describes it with crude references to her body, such as “small breasts” and “huge thighs”.

Conservative Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott condemned the description, according to AFP.

Gillard decried the menu as “grossly sexist and offensive”, and said it demonstrated a “pattern of behaviour” within Liberal ranks.

“I’ve certainly been very clear on my view about Mr. Abbott,” Gillard told reporters. “Brough should be disendorsed, that’s what should happen here.”

Brough, an opposition candidate for the September national elections, issued an apology saying the menu was written by a non-party member who thought it would be “humorous”, but is now “deeply apologetic,” reports the Business Standard.

Gillard, the nation’s first female leader, warned that government would be dominated by “men in blue ties” should Abbott assume office, AFP reports.