According to a new report, Asians make up the majority immigrant group in the US, surpassing Hispanic people, as demand for skilled workers has increased.

The “Rise of Asian Americans” report has indicated that Asians are the highest-earning, owing to their values on marriage, parenting, work and, especially on education. “They are highly skilled workforce of the 21st century, but they also bring traditional values,” executive vice president and editor Paul Taylor told the Wall Street Journal. Asians dominate skilled work including technology and medicine.

The Asian influx quadrupled between 1980 and 2010 to 18 million. The numbers increased  36% from 390,000 Asians, compared to 31% Hispanics from 540,000 of the same period, when demand for blue-collared jobs and construction decreased. Tightened border security has also prevented more Hispanics from coming in, while Asians have more often entered the country with student visas or through employment programs.

The Pew report predicts that the Asian figures will steadily increase to 41 million by 2050. The US is said to see it as an opportunity to forge closer ties in the societal level through the Asian immigrants mainly from China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam.