Artbar Tokyo is a popular art-and-wine post for those who love to paint, have a glass of red wine at the end of the day and chat with fellow art lovers. You can relax with your friendly group of instructors in either English or Japanese, with new events and collaborations added weekly. Artbar has two locations in Tokyo: in Daikanyama and Sendagaya. Class fees are typically ¥5000, including class materials, instruction fees, wine and snacks. Of course, you can take your masterpiece at home once ready.

Artbar Tokyo’s Response to the COVID-19 crisis

With the rapid increase of coronavirus cases in Tokyo, Artbar decided to cancel their in-person classes and go fully online for the time being. At a fraction of the usual price (¥2,000 per class), you can join in on the fun and paint from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have painting materials at home, don’t worry! For an additional fee depending on your preferred material package, Artbar can send you a special paint package 1-2 days prior to the session that will include everything you need. See details here.

Message from Artbar

“At Artbar Tokyo, we’re all about getting creative and socializing with new friends during our painting sessions in our studios. Although we have decided to close our studio doors during this time for the safety of the public, we wanted to continue to provide a fun, creative outlet for people to do at home. It’s been awesome to have people joining our online painting sessions from around the world, which was not possible before. For those living in Japan, we will send a paint package straight to your home with all necessary materials. Join us sometime for one of our themed online sessions like Pajama Paint Party!” 

— Cathy Thompson, CEO, Artbar Tokyo