Animal welfare has been getting a lot of attention in the foreign media, but that doesn’t mean that everything is hunky-dory. Under a Japanese government program, nearly 400,000 dogs and cats are culled every year, many of which are dropped off at collection trucks by owners who “no longer want them” and then put to death by carbon dioxide asphyxiation. Pretty grim, but there is a once-every-five year review of the laws governing animal welfare coming up, and the Nippon SPCA is organizing a march on Feb. 26 — the “Stop the Killing! Start the Rescue! Campaign” — in Yoyogi Park across from NHK Hall. Grab a Japanese friend and gather with fellow dog and cat lovers at 2 pm on the Saturday to make sure that the message gets out that people want a change.

Feb 26, 2 pm
Admission: Free    Venue: Yoyogi Park’s Keyaki Namiki Road
Nearest station: Harajuku Station