Animal protection groups are pushing for a ban on testing cosmetics on animals in China.

China, the world’s fourth largest cosmetics market, is one of the few countries that still require cosmetics to be tested on live animals.

But testing on animals does not necessarily make a product safe for humans, experts say, prompting animal rights group to call for an end to the unnecessary cruelty to animals.

“Tests looking at general effects, which will involve a lethal dose, where groups of mice will be orally force-fed a varying dose of a chemical ingredient to see the dose that will kill 50% of them,” said Troy Seidle, director of research and toxicology at Humane Society International.

“These are very invasive procedures that cause a lot of pain and suffering for animals” such as mice and rabbits.

Humane Society International is suggesting alternatives such as using cell structures and computer models, which cost less and are more accurate.

Non-government organizations in China are also working to raise consumer awareness through education and social media.

“We will conduct talks in high schools… We will also use new media such as Weibo to ask consumers for their signatura to pledge against animal testing for cosmetics,” Zhang Dan, co-founder of China Animal Protection Group said.

India has joined the EU and Israel in banning animal testing for cosmetics.