An Indian gay rights activist has called the attention of Mumbai police to an obscene post on Facebook by a person who claimed he had sex with a 15-year-old boy.

A known campaigner against child sexual abuse, Harish Iyer, filed a complaint to the cyber department of Mumbai police about the post made by a person living in the city, which read: “Just had sex with teen 15 year… was awesome exp… Sunday to acha gaya” [sic].

The post has since been removed by the website after many users reported it as offensive. Although some, believably the person’s friends, thought otherwise and “liked” the post before it was deleted.

“The Indian LGBTIQ community strongly condemns sexual abuse; particularly child sexual abuse,” states Iyer’s complaint.

Iyer urged the police to “take appropriate action against the above-mentioned post and everyone who has commented on the same,” including those who were “soliciting sex with a 15-year-old”.

Sodomizing a minor, sexually harassing him, or engaging in “indecent or obscene representations of a child” on any media forum are offences in India under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012, reports The Times of India.

Children rights activists said children are increasingly being exposed to threats in cyberspace. “Children are vulnerable and easy prey” especially online, Pooja Taparia of NGO Arpan said.