by Rebekah Chan

Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel was one of the best-known Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings in Japan. Originally built in 1890, the owners commissioned Wright to design something to replace the original wooden structure. Wright’s design designed in the Maya Revival style of architecture, and was completed in 1923. The inspiration was best noted in the Mesoamerican pyramid after which the hotel was shaped. This dramatic and luxurious design resulted in the frequency of dignitaries and affluent visitors to Tokyo between 1923 and 1968. Famously, it also survived the Great Kanto Earthquake only months after opening in June 1923. Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel is celebrating its 120th anniversary with an exhibit of relics and photos from its three generations of landmark buildings, including the legendary 1923 Imperial design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Through March 31, 2011
Nearest Station: Ginza
Admission: Free