Think about having a quick workout to go along with your rice ball and coffee? Starting next year, you’ll be able to do just that at select Family Marts.

According to a report by the Jiji press service, the convenience store chain will begin opening gyms, called Fit & Go, on the second floor of selected locations. The first gym to open will be in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, in February 2018. Family Mart says that it hopes to have 300 gyms up and running within the next five years.

While the space won’t allow for a full sized gym experience – if you’re looking to do deadlifts, you’ll need to look somewhere else – the spaces will be outfitted with treadmills and showers. But unlike many gyms in Japan, these locations will be open 24 hours a day, and when gym staff aren’t available late at night or early in the morning, smartphone apps offered by the company will teach customers how to train and use the equipment.

They might want to add a bit of coaching function to the apps to help motivate you not to pick out anything too unhealthy on your way to or from the gym, though…

Image: Family Mart