After a Golden Week Break that might have stretched over two weekends if you were lucky, a full-sized weekend roundup seemed a bit ambitious, so this time, we’ve narrowed our recommendations down to an easy handful.


Thai Festival 2016

One of the most popular cultural celebrations on the Yoyogi Park outdoor festival lineup, Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park is so beloved that it often gets an encore at the end of the summer.


Sanja Matsuri

We’d be lying to you if we didn’t say it will be packed, but this is one of the traditional cultural festivals in Tokyo you want to see at least once.

Nico Perez

Nico Perez: Stills from Life

The second solo exhibition by Nico Perez displays a multitude of photographs that portray a wide range of subjects, giving a visual interpretation on things such as everyday life, fashion, friends, beauty and casual encounters.


Tokyo International Art Fair 2016

The Tokyo International Art Fair is roaring back to the city this spring, with hundreds of artists from all over the globe selling their pieces, from photography to fine art, crafts to sculptures.


Design Festa vol. 43

If you like your art experience a little more unruly and free-flowing, Design Festa offers up an extravaganza of creativity on display, with exhibitors showing everything from painting and sculpture to “light” bondage (yes, you read that right).