September in Tokyo feels like the chill afterparty of summer and an opening act to the delights of autumn. While most festivals take place in August, there are some this month too. The biggest cultural mark in September in Japan is tsukimi, a moon-viewing practice around which special food items have emerged. We look at all things new in Tokyo, whether that’s surprise extensions of summer events or yet-to-open attractions.

1. Shibuya 3D Hachiko

Hachiko, the Akita dog that has become the symbol of Shibuya, now has a 3D version frolicking around seven rooftop billboards. We’re talking about “Shibuhachi Hit Vision” by the advertising company Hit Vision. Since last month, this 3D Hachiko has been playfully appearing every hour. The building in front of Shibuya Station has a rooftop digital billboard that shows a clock tower behind which 3D Hachiko peeks. The puppy announces the time, plays with a frisbee and jumps from screen to screen.

Similar to the 3D calico cat in Shinjuku, this realistic-looking display has wowed passersby.

A previous installation by Luke Jerram, Museum of the Moon at TecArt, Rotterdam, 2017.

2. Moon Art Night Shimokitazawa

This art event will take place over the course of two weeks in September (between the 10th and the 25th) all over Shimokitazawa. Artworks and events will appear in various stores, as well as Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine and other outdoor locations.

You can look forward to artworks created by six artists, all related to tsukimi. For instance, “Museum of the Moon,” by Luke Jerram is a seven-meter-diameter installation based on NASA photographs of the moon’s surface. Then there’s “Intrude” by Amanda Parer which is an installation with a rabbit motif.

Shimokitazawa Arts will exhibit paintings by Yoshiko Hada. Over at Bonus Track shopping area a video by Kazuki Takakura with a tsukimi theme will be projected on the outdoor wall.

The Moon Art Night festival aims to involve the whole community. In addition to participating artists from Japan and abroad, local shops will be involved via activities such as stamp rallies and themed foods. Some shops have already released information on what they’ll be offering such as a special tsukimi IPA craft beer, tsukimi burgers, doughnuts and more.

3. Tokyo Skytree 10-Year Anniversary

One of Tokyo’s major skyline symbols turned 10 years old this year. Tokyo Skytree opened to the public in 2012 and to mark the 10-year anniversary, it brought back 23 different illumination patterns (out of 150) and was shining in various styles during August. In September, to continue marking this important anniversary, Tokyo Skytree Town will have an “Anniversary Autumn Thanksgiving Festival.”

This festival consists of various activities, special events, limited edition foods and themed goods. Tokyo Solamachi, the shopping district inside Tokyo Skytree, has happy bags and products related to the number 10. As does the Autumn Teppanyaki Gourmet Festival.

Mosaic art will be created using photographs people have submitted of their memories with Tokyo Skytree. In October 2022, Nikken Sekkei, the architecture firm that designed Tokyo Skytree, will have a special exhibition about all the designs. In the same month, the costumes worn by Tokyo Skytree’s official character, Sorakara-chan will also be on display.

4. One@Tokyo Hotel Designed by Kengo Kuma

Agora Hospitalities has partnered with Sky Hospitality to create a next-generation hotel called One@Tokyo. The hotel is designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma and it’s located in Oshiage, close to Tokyo Skytree. The hotel has a café and a rooftop with a great view of the Tokyo landmark.

Reservations start in September, with a soft opening planned for October and a grand opening in November.


5. Toyosu Kiranah Resort

Inspired by Ibiza, Kiranah in Toyosu is like a paradise island. It has an outdoor swimming pool area, a dining area, a cabin area and a pallet area. The goal is to create a beach resort-like, relaxing space in the heart of Tokyo. The swimming pool, which is lit up at night, is the main attraction. You can eat and drink, have a barbecue, swim, relax and even bring pets.

Kiranah opened on August 26 and is having various promotional campaigns in September. Just leaving comments on their social media gets you a free drink this month. There are more details on the official website in Japanese.

Stranger Things Drinks

6. Stranger Things Café Extended

The popular Netflix show collaborated with Pronto to open a café in Shibuya in July 2022. It was planned to last only until September 4, but it proved so popular that it has been extended until the end of the year.

Stranger Pronto is designed with recognizable elements from the TV show. There are original creations on the menu that are inspired from the characters and events. This includes El’s love of waffles and Dustin’s love of chocolate. Others such as the “Demogorgon Roast Beef Pasta” are tasty representations of horrifying monsters.

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