Iyaiya Sanbai is an izakaya where you can wine and dine in a relaxing, high-class atmosphere—and it’s directly accessible via Aoyama Itchome Station.

The izakaya is supervised by Atsushi Nakahigashi, who studied under his father, the owner of a prestigious restaurant in Kyoto, before living in the United States. He’s now the president of One Rice One Soup, a Japanese food business based in New York and Kyoto.

During lunch time, Iyaiya Sanbai offers a traditional Japanese set meal: a bowl of rice, miso soup, a main dish and two side dishes. The rice is specially blended by a long-established shop in Kyoto and cooked in traditional rice kettles. At night, over 30 sakes, wines and whiskies from around Japan are offered. Various appetizers and side dishes are also available.

The izakaya’s woody decor gives a warm and welcoming impression. 40 seats are available including a large table, a bar counter overlooking the kitchen and a semi-private area. There are some opening specials on offer, so make your way to Iyaiya Sanbai soon.

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