Tokyo’s network of trains and subways is one of the finest in the world, whisking millions of riders to every corner of the city.

Still, there are situations when nothing but a taxi will do.

As the Olympics approach and the city preps to welcome visitors from around the world, Tokyo taxis have just gotten a lot more convenient.

Starting January 31, taxi rides start from ¥410 yen, 44% less than the old ¥730. Passengers can go up to 1.052km for the set price, and will be in for a better deal than the previous system for up to 4km.


(New fares in bold with decreases/increases in prices and percentages in parentheses)

In conjunction with the new fare, corporation Tokyo Hire Taxi has begun to promote cabs as an easy and accessible medium of transport, erasing the idea of taxis as a luxury and targeting those in need of a quick ride, whether for a speedy lift to the nearest station, a safe ride back home at night, or an accurate guide to a recommended landmark.

With this new fare, a quick and reasonable taxi ride may be your best choice to avoid packed trains, haul some heavy luggage or make an urgent meeting.

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