Dotcom Space, a cafe-style community space integrating specialty coffee, design and technology, has opened its first location in Tokyo.

Based in Beijing, Dotcom designs acoustic equipment and smart products, as well as consulting and more. It has four locations in Beijing and San Francisco.

It’s safe to say that coffee is beloved by many people around the world. Dotcom Space hopes its coffee leads to new communication and creation among people from different aspects of life, connecting various “dots” including design, technology and more.

Dotcom Space Tokyo’s coffee is prepared by Drip, an auto pour-over machine. Drip replicates the hand movements of an experienced barista down to the millimeter. Drop, meanwhile, is an auto milk dispenser. Pour-over coffee prepared by a real barista is also available, and guests can even brew coffee themselves using Kalita equipment. Coffee from brands like Fuglen Coffee Roasters, Philocoffea and more are available.

The interior is designed by Keiji Ashizawa, who founded a furniture studio in Tohoku after the Great East Japan Earthquake to help locals recover. In addition to pieces from Tohoku, furniture designed especially for the space can found in the cafe and terrace.

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)