From bureaucratic red tape and apartment hunting struggles to deciphering food labels and finding clothes and makeup that fit, there are often hurdles that prevent you from being able to live a life that feels your own when you first move. Often, as you adjust to the cultural differences and immerse yourself with the support of your new local community, you can strike a balance between the expectations and the reality of your new life. We asked three international residents how they let their true selves shine through, no matter where they are.

Photo by Allan Abani

Coco, Content Creator | USA

A complex character and eclectic nerd with a penchant for pastels.

What keeps you inspired?

I have so many interests; I kind of march to the beat of my own drum. I continuously do new things and keep my interest piqued. I enjoy anime and manga, video games, anime conventions, and I used to cosplay. I kind of went through a journey of self-discovery into nerdom after high school and it all went downhill — or uphill? — from there.

Being here in Japan, I want to be a voice of the Black community and inspire and motivate others to travel and explore. I’m the first person in my family to ever live abroad — many people I know have barely left my home state — so I want to ease people’s fears and encourage them to go out into the world and live their lives fully.

My Three Words: Big. Black. Bold.

On Zen Wear: It felt light on the skin, not too heavy, and was a great match for my skin tone.

Find Coco on Instagram at @kawaiiicoco.

Photo by Allan Abani

Josh, Twitch Streamer | Australia

Cyclist, model and purportedly makes the best banana cake ever. 

What drives you?

When I first moved to Japan, I found it difficult to learn how to be a part of Japanese culture. I was aware of the differences, but didn’t expect how difficult it was to fit in. I ended up finding my home in the vegan community here and through livestreaming projects. 

In June, I rode to the northernmost point of Japan — Cape Soya in Hokkaido — which took me 17 days. This year I’ve raised money for Mirai no Mori, an NPO that takes orphaned children out into nature for hikes and team-building exercises. Knowing that someone is at a disadvantage as soon as they’re born due to something they can’t even control really affected me. I want to help people, because I already do so much for myself.

My three words: Master of none

On Zen Wear: It survived a 15-kilometer bike ride in the Tokyo summer heat just fine.

Find Josh on Twitch at @joshinjapan.

Photo by Allan Abani

Elisa, Photographer | Belgium

Globetrotter and nature lover with a background in economics.

What keeps you here?

I ended up living in Tokyo by accident. I was here as an exchange student, but ended up loving it and wanting to stay. My biggest shock was probably that I couldn’t read anything at first, which was overwhelming. Other than that, it was easy to adapt because everything is so convenient. I would probably have more reverse culture shock going back home.

I’m passionate about photography and especially street photography, so I spend a lot of time doing that. I like wandering around in the late afternoon, when the light looks really good and people are on their way home from work. Tokyo is great for street photography, so I’m a constant explorer. I feel like this is a place where I could evolve and find a community. It feels like a good fit for me.

My three words: Organized. Sensitive. Enthusiastic.

On Zen Wear:  I was so surprised by how natural it looked, and it also resisted well to the heat.

Find Elisa on Instagram at @inheroceaneyes.

Zen Wear: Showcasing Your Best Self

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