Yummy Sake Collective, a sake bar where sake beginners can enjoy wining and dining, opened in the hip area of Daikanyama January 25.

Yummy Sake Collective is different from other sake bars thanks to Yummy Sake, an online AI tasting service. Plug in some information, and the AI will help you choose an ideal sake for you. The bar hopes that the service will lead to the creation of a sake community, bringing together breweries, bars, restaurants and consumers.

Here’s how it works: guests evaluate sake on a scale of 1 to 5 after blind tasting 10 different varieties, after which the AI judges your palate. There are 12 palate types in total, each named by onomatopoeia. The service costs 2,000 yen.

Over 90 kinds of rare sake not usually served in Tokyo are available from the bar’s cold storage showcase. Sake is offered at a flat rate of 700 yen, and if you like the flavor, it’s possible to purchase a whole bottle to take home or keep at the bar.

Yummy Sake Collective is located in a wooden building constructed over 60 years ago which has undergone several renovations. The bar was designed by two young talented architects who left some parts unchanged, employing the charms of the classic building.

For more information, visit the official website or PR TIMES (Japanese only)