Seven floors of dining at Mikasa Kaikan.

With seven floors to choose from, Mikasa Kaikan, a restaurant with 86 years history in Ginza, literally has something to suit any palette.

On the third floor of this Ginza icon, is a Kyoto style wa-shoku restaurant, that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood movie.

“A Kyoto style wa-shoku restaurant, that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood movie.”

We’re talking waitresses in full kimono silently gliding through an expansive dining room, gorgeous paper screens hiding private dining booths, and cuisine fit for an emperor.

The traditional Kyoto style course menu is a sight to behold; beautifully delicate zensai appetizer’s that look almost too good to eat and sashimi sliced from theYoshino freshest just-caught fish.

The shabu-shabu and sukiyaki are the main draw for knowledgeable customers and with good reason; the beef based dishes use only the finest ‘A-grade’ wagyu including Kobe-beef and trust us, you really can taste the difference.

As with most Japanese restaurants of this caliber the presentation and service are as important as the food and as this is the middle of Ginza, staff pull out all the stops. Waitresses stand over your table and efficiently and expertly prepare your meal, even going as far as pouring your drinks.

This impeccable level of service, great food and luxurious surroundings make for a very special evening in every way.

Sukiyaki at Yoshino costs from ¥11,550 per person.

Yoshino is on the 3rd floor of

Mikasa Kaikan in Ginza.

Nearest station: Ginza, Exit B5

Tel: 03-3289-5667