If you love Mount Fuji, why not give it a nibble?

While taking a bite out of the World Heritage itself may be frowned upon, Lava Cafe in Yamanashi Prefecture offers an appetizing alternative — the Blue Mt. Fuji Curry. Until December 31, the cafe, along with the Mount Fuji World Heritage Center where it’s located, is holding a special campaign to delight curry connoisseurs, Mount Fuji fans, and Instagram idolizers alike.

Blue Mt Fuji Curry & Mega Blue Mt. Fuji Curry

The Mt. Fuji Curry (¥1,000), a blue-colored curry rice dish, is an eye-catching plate of blue curry goodness that appeared on Lava Cafe’s menu in April this year. It’s reportedly delicious, but loses some of its shock value next to a more recent dish, the Mega Blue Mt. Fuji Curry. As its name suggests, this is the bigger and badder version of the original blue curry and is next level when it comes to the details. This massive meal is supposedly 1/3000th the size of the famous sleeping volcano, weighs a whopping three kilograms, and costs a satisfying ¥3,776 (Mount Fuji measures 3,776 meters in height). The meal consists of two kilograms of rice and one kilogram of curry sauce and is supposed to serve six people.

When the Mega Blue Mt. Fuji Curry was introduced in June this year, the Mount Fuji World Heritage Center held a competitive eating competition to honor the occasion. Competitive eater talento Sachio Masubu managed to clear her monster plate of curry in under 30 minutes. The competition is scheduled to happen again, but with no date set yet — and anyone can enter.

Wannabe food fighters who don’t want to wait for the next official competition can take on the challenge on their own at the cafe. Those who finish the whole plate by themselves within a 30-minute time limit will get the meal for free. That’s a Mount Fuji-sized saving!

If that sounds like too much to stomach, diners who finish the mega meal on their own in their own time get a pair of Mount Fuji-shaped cups as a prize for their efforts.

Eat It for the Gram

There are other rewards up for grabs, too — if you have the patience to take a photo first. Diners of the dish may be one of 10 lucky winners of an exclusive 700ml bottle of The Fujisan Whisky 40°, produced locally at Suntory’s Hakushu Distillery. Winners will be chosen randomly, so you don’t have to be an Instagram pro to have a chance at the prize.


Campaign Period: Sep 1-Dec 31, 2018


  1. Must follow Fujisan World Heritage Center on Instagram. @fuji.world.heritage.center
  2. Must post at least one image of Lava Cafe’s famous Blue Mt. Fuji Curry or Mega Blue Mt. Fuji Curry using the hashtags #青い富士山カレー and #富士山世界遺産センター (You must use both hashtags to be eligible) within the campaign period.
  3. Wait and hope for the best!

Announcements of winners: A total of 10 winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be contacted in early January via DM.

Prize: A 700ml bottle of the limited edition The Fujisan Whisky 40° from Suntory’s Hakushu Distillery, which is otherwise exclusively sold in the Koshu area

Official website: Mt Fuji Curry Instagram Competition

For contact information and where to find Mount Fuji World Heritage Center, see our Concierge listing.