The poo-tastic Unko Kanji Drill books have been a major hit in Japan since the series of study materials hit the bookstores earlier this year. If you’re a parent hoping that this crappy toilet humor trend would go away with the new year, then we have some bad news.

Much to the delight of kids everywhere, Unko sensei has been immortalized in the form of wagashi, available in two flavors — banana and peach.

Not only that, part of Unko sensei’s touted appeal is that he has firm, perky buttocks. Why he would need them is anyone’s guess, but if Gudetama, an anthropomorphized raw egg can have one, then why not a poo that teaches kanji?

Unko sensei wagashi is available in banana and peach flavors, at ¥260 per treat. Find him at Aeon, Daiei, MaxValu, and Peacock stores across the country (except Okinawa). On sale from December 29.

Would you ever eat one of these?