Last year’s Rio Olympics reinvigorated Japan’s love of table tennis, and now a new restaurant and bar in Shibuya is combining wining, dining and ping pong into one unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is called T4, and combines four elements: eating, drinking, enjoying and improving your table tennis skills. Yes, while you can simply pop in for a beer and a round of ping pong with friends, T4 also offers some serious table tennis support, including digital apps and professional coaches from table tennis school Tactive. Finally, there’s a store offering table tennis apparel and equipment.

A six-minute walk from the station, T4 has 54 seats and eight ping pong tables (and one mini table, for the kids), and opens June 8.

Is it too early to declare this the summer of ping pong?

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only)