Once one of the best kept secrets in town, this Tokyo burger joint remains one of the tastiest spots in Shibuya and while it was the name that first took us there, it was the patties that kept us coming back…

This diner-like nook can only seat about twelve people, and a handful outdoors, but don’t be fooled by the simple, minimalist decor. The two guys who usually handle the grills know how to make a proper burger, and we’re talking American-style: a juicy patty with lots of toppings, piled high between the buns, and so big they can barely fit in your mouth.

The food is not the only fascinating thing about this joint – it is the name/theme that has helped the word-of-mouth spread and indeed what lead us there for the first time. Whoppi Goldburger is of course named after the actress best remembered as a nun, but be aware, the puns don’t stop there.

Each burger bears a witty twist on an actor’s name, so you can chomp on the Kevin Bacon (yes, the bacon burger), a Sarah Jessica Burger, a Charlotte Gains-burger or a Helena Bonham Burger (our favourite, with avocado). The burger sets include a side of Nathalie Potato-man (that would be Nathalie Portman?), which you can get in French fries form or mashed, complete with bacon bits.

Whoopi Goldburger also offers an array of soft drinks and alcohol, which you’ll definitely need to wash down the burger. Most drinks are around ¥500, while burgers start at ¥1100. This is pretty standard these days for a decent burget in Tokyo but value wise we were impressed and have kept going back not only for the top-notch food, but for the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

The skateboarding videos and good tunes playing in the background add to the overall laid-back vibe, and make sure you check out the bathroom art before you leave…

Whoopi Goldburger

Main image: Sophia Fukunishi via Fashimi

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Text by Vivian Morelli