The simple act of choosing to order pizza can say a lot about you.

For starters, you could be a little tired of rice or noodles and badly craving fast, tasty, and affordable Italian-American cuisine. Or you could’ve had a tough day and you’d like to reward yourself with delectable pizza with your favorite toppings. If you’re a free thinker, you can even create your own delectable pizza masterpiece. Finally, you could be a busy bee, who prefers ordering online in a few clicks and expect delivery to be as punctual as Tokyo’s trains.

Similarly, your toppings of choice speak volumes about your personality, or the situation you might find yourself in when you’re about to place that order:

Giga Meat pizza

Giga Meat
Clearly, you’re a true carnivore who doesn’t care about reducing your carbon footprint. You must be having game night with the boys and you need to load up, so you can trash talk your buddies all night long. Also, you’re hoping to coat your stomach lining in case your competitive friend challenges you to shots.


Char-Grilled Beef
You’ve been craving a hearty burger after a rough day but you’re chained to your work desk, so you decide to order a beef pizza online instead. You firmly believe those juicy pieces of char-grilled beef would instantly wipe away your Monday blues and could give you the second wind to finally finish your work.


Either you’re a female attempting to go on a diet or you’re feeling guilty about the tub of ice cream you had last night while binge watching “Scandal.” Fret not because this choice is slightly guilt-free yet full of flavor—plus it goes well with a glass of red.


Quattro Giant
This is a no-brainer. You have fickle-minded, strong-willed and starving friends over on a Saturday night, so to avoid heated arguments, you meet halfway and order a 4-in-1 pizza. Problem solved. Remember to split the bill equally, too.


Spicy Deluxe
You’re a daredevil and prefer to live life dangerously. You have taste buds of steel, so you feast on generous amounts of jalapeno peppers on this pizza like potato chips, then cool your fiery mouth down with mugs of ice cold beer.


Mayo Jaga (Mayonnaise and Potato)
You’re a Japanese foodie at heart and just can’t quit cold turkey so you go for a Japanese-inspired pizza oozing with mayonnaise. Likewise, you don’t mind having potatoes on your pizza because you’re carbo-loading prior to your run along the Ara River.


Camembert Mille-Feuille Quattro
You’re feeling fancy and enjoy French recipes you can’t pronounce, so this sumptuous pizza with a layer of creamy Camembert cheese got your vote. In the mood for romance? Break out the fancy cutlery, then crack open a bottle of bubbly for an instant candlelit dinner.


Domino’s Veggie
You’re obviously a vegetarian who wants to make a difference for the planet. We can’t blame you for trying and we take our hats off to you for choosing the healthier, yet appetizing option topped with grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms among others. May your tribe increase!


Garlic Shrimp
You’re home alone and you don’t have a spouse or a partner to lock lips with, so you go for this gratifying, yet somewhat strong-smelling, combination of your favorites: garlic and shrimp. Besides, you have the entire box all to yourself and you can indulge as you please. Oh, the perks of being single!

For more pizza choices to match your personality, visit and order from their easy-to-use English site. Now you can have your favorite pizzas delivered to your door in just a few steps, whether you’re using your smartphone or a PC! And, until May 17, if you buy any two-topping pizza for carryout or delivery, you get a second one for FREE! Buon Appetito!

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