Although Pizza Hut’s crust and various toppings are mouthwatering as they are, wouldn’t they taste so much better with a good amount of cat hair sprinkled on them?


Enter the fluffy fantasy world of Pizza Hut Japan’s new ad, where a store with laid-back, anti-customer attitude and next to no management skills come to life.

The four foodie cats wear signature red caps with the Pizza Hut logo and even hold meetings just like us humans—it’s impressive that only one of them falls asleep during the discussion. The dream team take care of everything, including cleaning the shop on a robot vacuum cleaner, delivering orders on their motor scooters and managing finances.


You do not need to understand Japanese or speak cat to grasp the videos and be tempted into ordering some pizza, although the cat chefs may be a little unsanitary from a health and safety perspective. There may also be those sceptics that say that even with the feline charm, pizza isn’t good for your body. We say, forget about the unsaturated fat, this is all about the unsaturated cat.

All in all, Japan’s marketing strategy’s got it right once again: Who cares as long as it’s cute?

—Mona Neuhass