Whip up your own fresh cup of matcha and grill your own dango (dumplings) in this hidden haven. At Soso, you can experience the best of Japanese traditional tea culture firsthand just a few steps away from Daikanyama Station.

A Hidden Gem Just 50 Steps from Daikanyama Station

Daikanyama — a stylish district with high-end shops and fashionable fare, with crowded streets to match. Just a few meters away from the hustle and bustle lies a secret tranquil oasis with a Japanese twist. Step through the small, unassuming entrance and leave your troubles at the door as find yourself in a calming space to be enjoyed through all five senses.

Soso Cafe Entrance

Improve Your Tea Making Skills with the Otemae Set

The Otemae (meaning “to make tea” in Japanese tea ceremony jargon) set allows you to try mastering the art of making traditional matcha yourself. A written guide is available for first timers, but if it still seems difficult, don’t lose hope. After all, practice makes perfect. The set comes with Japanese confectionary suited to the season.

Otemae set at Soso

We also recommend trying the yaki dango (grilled dumplings). This is another DIY snack where you roast chewy mochi dumplings over a small charcoal fire on your table. There are five sauces to choose from to drizzle over the yakimochi, including black sesame and mitarashi. Sit back and enjoy the warmth of the fire as you wait for the dango to reach that perfect chewy consistency.

Delicious dango dishes

Choose Healthy, Customizable Lunches

Lunchtime offerings include a main dish with a choice of rice or noodles. The lunch set comes in the form of the traditional “one soup, three sides” style, which is the basis of a Japanese-style healthy and balanced meal. You can adjust the amount of rice or noodles depending on how hungry you are that day.

Soso has a range of seating options; from counters, tables, and even private rooms, ensuring an enjoyable atmosphere to suit the occasion of your visit.

You can find Soso right outside Daikanyama Station’s central or east exits.

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Text by Akiko Inoue, powered by LeTronc