Though the truly traditional Japanese breakfast always seems to bring up images of grilled fish, rice, miso soup and pickles, it’s not necessarily everyone’s go-to choice for starting their day — especially in summer. NTT Docomo’s Minna No Koe posed the question “What kind of breakfast do you want to eat on hot summer days?” and the survey, which was completed on July 8, received 3,990 responses from all over the country. So, what breakfasts appealed to people the most?

1. Hiyashi Udon or Soba

This summer staple came out on top with 1,065 votes, probably because it’s a quick and easy fix — not to mention delicious. A bit of sudachi (a Japanese citrus fruit) on the side adds a nice zesty punch.

2. Watermelon and/or cucumbers, seasonal vegetables

A large serving of fresh vegetables and fruit is the perfect way to start the day well hydrated. 908 health-conscious people chose this as their desired summer morning breakfast.

3. Hiyayakko

Chilled tofu, usually drizzled with soy sauce and garnished with green onion and ginger is a light and refreshing meal to start the day. Some plum paste and fresh myoga ginger are great additions, too. This dish got 625 votes.

4. Hiyashi Chuka

Another noodle dish makes the top five, this time chilled ramen with veggie, pork and boiled egg as toppings. This all-rounder got 506 votes.

5. Curry

The only hot and spicy dish on the list, curry was the choice for 365 people who wanted to start their day with a heavy meal and a good sweat.

Ice cream, shaved ice and ramen came in 6th, 7th and 8th places respectively, as some people apparently make adult decisions for breakfast.

For a complete view of the survey results, see the NTT Docomo Minna no Koe website.

Images: Shutterstock