Three events will be toasting the arrival of spring in the coming week – so let’s raise a wine glass or two!

It can be hard to know whether you’d like a fruity rose to go with the cherry blossoms, or something more full-bodied to wash down a steak; individual tastes and wine-drinking styles are as varied as the grapes. Many people can find choosing a glass quite tricky, so tasting sessions and sample events are a lifesaver – just don’t forget to take a note of what tickles the taste buds!

If you head to the Roppongi Hills Cafe Space between April 14 – 20, you can try one of 50 leading “seasonal estate cuvees” at the Spring World Wine Festival – entrance is free and wine varies in price. The schedule means you don’t need to worry if you only fancy one, or don’t have time in your busy schedule, just head back another day for more.

Meguro Gajoen

A tasting dinner with a mini charity auction at Meguro Gajoen (pictured, left) sounds like the ideal way to unwind on April 14.

You’ll have to telephone to book your place (see below for details), but don’t miss this chance to give to kids’ cancer charity the Tyler Foundation while trying top-quality wines from producers Richard Hamilton, Vallformosa, L’Aventure, Gerard Bertrand, and Provenza, who will all be in attendance. Before the dinner (which is ¥8,000 a head) is an afternoon tasting session – again, call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, over at Roppongi Oakwood Premier, Tokyo Midtown, on the 20th, Swedish education company Education First Japan is holding a wine tasting session, hoping to teach us even more about the drinks we decide on.

The event invites tasters of all levels to join the fun – beginners are especially encouraged – and the organisers hope all-comers will feel at home in the masterclass-like atmosphere of the President’s Lounge (tickets are ¥3,000).

Certified sommelier Todd Stevens has the qualifications and experience to teach even the most detailed aspects of any bottle on offer, and his passion will hopefully get through to even the most uninitiated. Browsing the shelves of Tokyo’s impressive import wine stores will never be the same again!

Dates: April 14 – 20

More Info: Have a look at the Roppongi Hills events site for details of the cafe space event.

Pieroth Wines hosts the Meguro Gajoen event, visit their site or call 03-3458-4455 for reservation and inquiries.

For more details on the Tokyo Midtown event, and to apply for your place, click here.