Tokyo Saryo, the world’s first shop specializing in hand drip Japanese tea, is now offering up a new taste sensation: its own take on ochazuke, in which tea is poured over rice to create a delicious dish. While in recent years ochazuke based on broth, not tea, has become popular, Tokyo Saryo, as a high-quality tea provider, has brought classic tea-based ochazuke back to the forefront. The shop began offering a limited-time ochazuke in spring 2018, which was met with a hearty reception.

Now Tokyo Saryo is offering an ochazuke dish based around ume, or Japanese plum. This olive-marinated ume flavor joins the lineup that also includes eel, salmon and scallops. Oil is not typically used for ochazuke, but it blends in perfectly with the sourness of the ume, bitterness of the green tea and the umami of the entire dish. Tokyo Saryo’s ochazuke is even topped with edible tea leaves.

To prevent food waste, Tokyo Saryo only creates its ochazuke by advance reservation, so hop over to its reservation website if you are interested in this traditional Japanese dish with a brand-new twist.

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