Tokyo is known for its luxuriously rich ramen, the best sushi you can taste and top-of-the-range teppanyaki. However, the sense of pride and care shown to food is not limited to classic Japanese dishes. Tokyoites take food quality seriously and that extends to global favorites like pizza. At this year’s 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific ranking ceremony, 13 of the awarded establishments were in Japan, nine of them based in Tokyo.

For the second year running, The Pizza Bar on 38th took the coveted spot at the top, with Risto Pizzeria also taking the podium with third place. Here are all the best Tokyo pizzerias that made the ranking.

The 9 Best Pizzerias in Tokyo

We’ve made it easy for you by listing the nine pizzerias featured in this year’s 50 Top Asia Pacific ranking, so you can sample some of the world’s best pizzas right here in Tokyo.

1. The Pizza Bar on 38th

Ranked No. 1 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

The Pizza Bar on 38th is run by Rome-native Daniele Cason and makes up part of the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo in Nihonbashi. In the past year, Cason has introduced an omakase-style menu to his pizzeria: eight guests are invited to the counter to try eight pizzas for the day. Cason serves pan-style pizza in a sophisticated, gourmet fashion, with high-quality ingredients, making an unforgettable culinary experience.

Diners are recommended to book at least a month or two in advance.

2. Risto Pizza

Ranked No. 3 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

Located in the newly refurbished Azabudai Hills, Risto Pizza prides itself on its “avant-garde Italian hospitality.” Led by pizza chef Giuseppe Errichiello, known to all as Peppe, Risto Pizza was opened in 2023 in the spirit of “Napoli sta’ ca’’ or ”Naples is here.” With a delectable selection of beers and wine to accompany them, diners can choose from a menu of pizze rosse as well as pizze bianche, starting at ¥2,400 for a margherita classica.

3. Pizza Strada

Ranked No. 14 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

Coming in at 14th place in the Top 50 Asia-Pacific ranking is Pizza Strada, just a few minutes walk from Azabu-Juban Station. With a three-page menu dedicated to different pizzas starting at ¥2,380, there’s something for everyone. Topping choices encompass a wide range from Mexican jalapeños and Dutch gouda to Japanese wagyu beef.

4. PST: Pizza Studio Tamaki

Ranked No. 18 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

With branches in both Higashi-Azabu and Roppongi, Pizza Studio Tamaki (PST for short) takes its inspiration from the home of pizza: Naples. Just like their Neapolitan counterparts, the pizzas at PST are made with dough that has 30% less salt, follows the larger standard size of Italian pizzas, and uses fresh Italian ingredients. At the time of writing, a regular margherita will set you back ¥2,890.

The menu also offers an excellent array of Italian desserts, including ice cream made with Hokkaido milk and espresso affogato. It’s worth noting that while this pizzeria is only available for dinner, PST also offers a takeaway service via phone or app.

5. Massimottavio

Ranked No. 25 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

Based in Eifuku, Massimottavio is run by a chef of the same name, born and raised in Naples. The kitchen at Massimottavio prides itself on the fluffy, yet chewy, texture of its pizza, in line with the standard set by the Neapolitan original. These pizzas are also made to the larger Italian standards. The cozy, tavern-like environment of Massimottavio provides a nice counterbalance to the sophistication of the food, creating a comfortable dining experience in the heart of Suginami ward. A margherita pizza here costs ¥1,600.

6. Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli Sta’ Ca”

Ranked No. 26 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

The 26th spot of the Top 50 Asia Pacific ranking is awarded to Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca’’, the sister restaurant of Risto Pizza (ranked No. 2 Top 50 Asia Pacific). Chef Guiseppe Errichiello has carved out a small Neapolitan corner at the foot of Tokyo Tower with the homely Pizzeria Peppe. Made in a contemporary style, the menu features a signature star-shaped pizza, the Don Salvo, with a ricotta and spicy salami-stuffed crust. Pizzas start from ¥2,300 at dinner time, with the restaurant’s lunch menu offering a very reasonably priced ¥1,500 margherita.

7. L’Insieme

Ranked No. 28 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

While appearing simple, Kameido-based pizzeria L’Insieme has a great deal to offer its diners. The menu boasts a wide array of both red and white pizza starting at ¥1,300, from the classic margherita to more “Americana” style choices served with hot dogs and fries. L’Insieme is also one of the few places in Tokyo where you can get your hands on a stuffed calzone. Serving also as a grill restaurant, the culinary team at L’Insieme similarly prides itself on the quality of its meat dishes.

8. La Tripletta

Ranked No. 29 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

Led by Chef Kenji Ohta, who studied the art of pizza in Naples, Pizzeria La Tripletta serves soft, chewy pizza topped with fresh, quality ingredients in Musashi-Koyama. Roughly translating to “hat trick” – the restaurant’s name was chosen in the hope that the food served would instill a similar sense of victory in its diners.

In addition to these tasty Neapolitan offerings, the menu also offers artisanal ice cream, Italian craft beers and graffe –  Neapolitan donuts which are often hard to come by in Japan.

9. Pizzeria E Trattoria Da Isa

Ranked No. 35 by 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific

Last, but by no means least, is Pizzeria E Trattoria Da Isa in Meguro. The decor here recalls the ancient pizzerias of Naples, with a simple menu featuring a host of classics amid a select few originals. With a menu starting at ¥1,650, the pizzas here are of the smaller Japan standard, leaving room for a serving of caprese salad or freshly made mozzarella frittas.

Reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.

What is 50 Top Pizza?

Produced annually, 50 Top Pizza is an online guide to the best pizzerias in Italy and around the world, without any preference for a particular style. Each year, a ranking of the 50 best pizzas in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific is curated, ahead of the world ranking. In 2024, the world ranking will take place at the Teatro Mercadente, in Napoli, on September 10. The competition judges are an unbiased group of inspectors, invited to consider the pizzerias holistically, taking into consideration the quality of the ingredients, the service, the ambiance and decor, the beverages, and of course, the pizza.

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