Tokyo is a city that truly never sleeps, and it can be a lot of fun exploring all the city has to offer by night. However, there inevitably comes a time in a Tokyoite’s life when—after so many loud, expensive, uncomfortable or crowded nights out with friends or colleagues—even the biggest fireworks display or summer street festival couldn’t drag us off the sofa, once we’ve got our choice of comfort food lined up for dinner.

Need convincing? We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons that a night filled with pizza at home is better than heading out on the town. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything!

1. It takes the guess work out of ordering

Deciding what to order from a tried and trusted pizza joint is a heck of a lot easier than navigating through often confusing Japanese izakaya menus. While adventurous eating can be fun, there’s definitely something to be said for knowing exactly what you’re getting—especially when that thing is a piping hot, cheesy pizza.

2. Home is where the heart is

Many of us living abroad get a little homesick from time to time, but luckily we have the good old fashioned pizza as a comforting reminder of home. Succumb to the nostalgia of a classic pepperoni or margherita with some trashy television to recharge the batteries and get your fix of indulgence this weekend.

3. (Judgement-) free and easy breathing

Are copious amounts of garlic and onion a non-negotiable addition to your pizza order? Forget the breath mints and revel in the freedom of not having to worry about scaring off your dinner date before a goodnight kiss is even close to being a possibility!

4. Nothing beats your creature comforts

Let’s not beat around the bush. During summer, your apartment is a heaven-sent oasis of comfort compared to many of the bars, clubs and restaurants around the city. There’s no question—air conditioning, PJs, and listening to your favorite groove while lounging on the sofa trumps extreme humidity, crowds, and lines for the bathroom any day!

5. Pizza will always be there for you

Relationships are complicated. Never is this truer than when drinking and loud clubs are added into the mix on a night out. Unintentional miscommunications, regrettable behavior and fall-outs with friends, colleagues or partners could mean some apologies are in order the next day.

Why not just skip the drama and enjoy a night in with a cheesy friend you can trust. You can be sure your pizza won’t be offended, embarrassed or awkward—and best of all, it will always be there for you in the morning, waiting for its inevitable fate as breakfast.

6. You won’t wake up the next day with an empty wallet

Not only is pizza delicious, it’s cheap. Well, cheaper than a night out anyway. What’s more, inviting your friends around to catch up over a few slices doesn’t cost a yen. Tasty food with good company without breaking the bank is our kind of Saturday night!

7. No more waiting around

You can call to order a pizza from anywhere at (just about) any time and you’ll have it at your doorstep within 30 minutes. A far cry from waiting for a friend at Shibuya’s Hachiko statue knowing full well that “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” actually means “I’m still at home and haven’t gotten in the shower yet.”

8. No rules = no shame!

Not only can you eat until you can’t move without being judged by the prying eyes of the public, but you can also let go of any pressure to adhere to Japanese restaurant etiquette. Take a night off from resting chopsticks in the correct place, pouring sake for your boss and polite, tiring conversation in favor of eating with your hands straight from the box!

9. The ball is in your court

You can choose exactly what kind of pizza you feel like spending the night with, with customizable, “build your own” options. Unlike being subjected to annoying friends-of-friends, incoherent drunken colleagues or sweaty strangers pressed against you on the last train home, ordering a pizza gives you the control to create a night that’s just right for you!

10. Sometimes less is more

The brief conversation you get with the delivery person is sometimes all the personal interaction you need—or want—after a long day. They may not be bringing you chocolates and roses, but they’re also not going to stick around expecting to be showered with attention and gratitude. Essentially they’re the least needy, most practical on-demand gift-bearing buddy you could ask for!


So what are you waiting for? Jump on to and start planning your next big night in! The English language site is super simple to use with orders placed in only a couple of quick steps. Right now there’s also a great “Buy 1 get one free” deal available for pizzas with up to 2 toppings.

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