Still looking for the perfect Christmas cake? We have already introduced a selection of truly exclusive offerings (including a cake that costs ¥60,000!), but here’s a list of less extravagant — but no less delicious — Christmas cakes. Even better, all but one cost less than ¥5,000.

Colorful Fruit Wreath Tart

Famed for their fruit tarts, Qu’il Fait Bon sticks to what they know best for the holiday season as well. We love the Colorful Fruit Wreath Tart (from ¥3,367 incl. tax), which is pretty self-explanatory: a fruit tart in the shape of a Christmas wreath. Use this as your excuse of still getting your five-a-day fruits and veggies while still indulging a little.

Place your order at Qu’il Fait Bon stores across Tokyo. Pickup available Dec 20-25.

Rouge Noel

Beloved patissier Joel Robuchon introduces the Rouge Noel (¥4,860), which features milk chocolate mousse and pistachio cream, coated with a refreshing red berry jelly. It serves about four people and is guaranteed to impress your holiday guests.

Pickup available Dec 21-25 at any Joel Robuchon Boutique across Tokyo, except Roppongi.

Yuzu Pain de Gênes

Pain de Gênes, also known as Genoa bread in English, is a cake mostly made with almond paste, eggs and butter — and only a tiny bit of flour. This one is infused with yuzu, and shaped in the form of a star to emphasize the holiday season. The Yuzu Pain de Gênes (¥3,500) is the perfect afternoon tea treat on a cold winter’s day.

Make your reservation at Park Hyatt‘s Pastry Boutique before Dec 21. Pick up available until Dec 25.

Buche Chocolat Marron

Swiss premium chocolate maker Lindt’s twist on the classic Buche de Noel, the Buche Chocolat Marron (¥4,320 incl tax), uses chocolate biscuit, crispy hazelnuts, and chestnut and milk chocolate mousse for a decadent and creamy Christmas night.

Pick up available until Dec 25 at Lindt Chocolat Cafes across Tokyo.


For the chocolate cake of your dreams, look no further than Stellato at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo (¥4,536).  A melange of creme brûlée and biscuits are wrapped inside a creamy chocolate mousse and coated with a layer of delicious dark chocolate. Decadent and delightful, this is one cake you won’t be sharing with your kids.

Online orders accepted until Dec 17. Pick up at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo available Dec 20-25.

White Christmas

Given the lack of snowfall in Tokyo, this cake may be the closest you’ll get to a white Christmas. The White Christmas cake (¥4,500 incl tax) is composed of a combination of Mascarpone mousse and caramelized apples. The mouthwatering blend of sweet apple and slightly tangy mascarpone with a hint of cinnamon is sure to have you experiencing your own version of a white Christmas in no time.

Order until Dec 18 at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel‘s bakery Dore. Pick up available Dec 21-25.

Roulette Christmas

This award-winning cake design combines classy casino vibes with Christmas in a fun and playful way. Roulette Christmas (¥5,184 incl tax) features Santa, a Christmas tree, a snowman…and a roulette wheel. The chocolate base is balanced with cassis flavors and milky vanilla, creating a creamy flavor explosion. With this in your Christmas spread, all bets are off!

Pick up available at the Royal Park Hotel until Dec 25.

Strawberry Christmas Roll Cake

Bon Vivant was inspired by the theme “red flowers” this year. The Strawberry Christmas Roll (¥3,000 incl. tax) uses a soft and spongy cake rolled around a vanilla cream and strawberry confit mixture. It’s topped with fresh strawberries, red currants and is accented with red-colored chocolate flower petals.

Only available Dec 22-25 at Bon Vivant Shibuya Store.

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