Beans aficionados and Java experts, here’s one for you: this tiny little cube contains some seriously solid flavours.

The smaller, the better? It seems like all of Tokyo’s best coffee is contained within tiny spaces, and the (not-so imaginatively named) Coffeeshop in Daikanyama is no exception. All we need here, it seems, is a simple entrance with a few products displayed, and a bustling behind-the-counter area where all the magic happens.

The menu is very straightforward, so don’t come here if you’re hoping for a sugary, whipped-cream-topped caramel concoction. In fact, the Coffeeshop is all about the beans, and you can pick the exact roast you wish by looking at the precise guide. Even if you don’t know much about coffee beans, the descriptions are detailed and it’s easy to understand.

After selecting your roast, you can choose from one of the three brewing methods: hand-dripped, aero press (a syringe-like contraption), or French press. Watching the baristas make the coffee is the best part, as every step is done with the utmost attention to produce the most perfect cup of coffee. We sipped on the recommended blend, which was a rather floral roast that left us coming back for seconds mere hours after.

You can nibble on some banana bread with your coffee and buy an array of coffee accessories for your home. The shop also is pretty hi-tech, boasting an iPad on the wall where you can take a snapshot of yourself and live tweet it. We loved it!

The Coffeeshop (Japanese)

2-3 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku (see map)

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