The redevelopment of of Tokyo Station reached an exciting stage this weekend – with the opening of the latest “Okashi Land”… Be it sweets, candies or snacks, okashi is a Japanese word never far from any kid’s lips!

With so many major brands bringing their latest sugary, salty and chocolatey developments to the spot between Tokyo Ramen Street and Tokyo Character Street near the Yaesu Central exit of Tokyo Station, at least some kind of entertainment for the family is guaranteed – it won’t just be commuters rushing about their business and trying to work out which line to take next!

Perhaps you’ll recognise some of these mascots from the packets of your favourite Japanese candies or sweets? Calbee has a Calbee + store to add to its Omotesando and Harajuku successes – watch the chocolate covered potato chips churn and take away a fresh order – and with Glico, Meiji, Morinaga and other convenience store favourites bringing gifts and novelty items as well as their sweets, at Okashi Land, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Look out for the beautiful newly uncovered Tokyo Station frontage, with its red bricks almost back to their glory days, but hopefully Okashi Land can perhaps keep you occupied until the expected finish date in October 2012!