I’m not sure how many of you have ‘ventured’ into K-town (Korea town) in Tokyo as I don’t usually see many foreigners there, but if you feel like going somewhere other than your usual gaijin places, take a walk from Shinjuku or hop off the JR to Shin-Okubo station, aka K-town of Tokyo. Unfortunately the best directions I can give you to any place to eat in that area can be summed up by, “somewhere around the Don Quijote by the station.” I don’t have any favorite or recommended places to eat there as when I go its a combination of exploring, eating and grocery shopping (check out the Korean grocery store right across Don Quijote). Also, I personally love Korean food, so anything and everything I eat there is delicious.

Perfect for the sunny winters here in Tokyo is the Korean stew jjigae. A spicy stew with vegetables, tofu and meat, it warms the body immediately. Chijimi, or Pa Jan is the Korean ‘pancake’ with leeks, kimchi, or seafood. I like to eat this with extra go chu jang (Korean red chill paste). If you aren’t familiar with K-town or Korean food, I would suggest that you take a walk around Shin-Okubo and try anything that looks appetizing (there is a lot!!). Don’t worry, they all speak Japanese, and in most (or all) place they also speak Korean! If all else fails, there are always pictures to point to. Lastly, the food in K-town is a great deal!