Japanese + Neapolitan cuisine = Japolitan cuisine, according to Salvatore Cuomo. I’d seen Salvatore Cuomo’s restaurants all over Tokyo but only recently discovered their delicious, creative pizzas and pastas. Salvatore’s pizza crust is perfectly chewy-crispy with the tiniest hint of sweetness – the perfect base for their various pizza offerings, including D.O.C., Salvatore’s award-winning pizza – a modern take on the classic margherita made with fresh mozzarella, basil and juicy sweet cherry tomatoes. In the classic Neapolitan style, the crust is paper thin and immediately starts folding in your hands when you pick it up. The easiest way to eat a slice is to fold it in half length-wise and deliver to your salivating mouth before any toppings can fall off. I’m still kicking myself for not discovering Salvatore earlier but definitely plan to make up for lost time by eating their pizzas on at least a weekly basis!

– Deb