Good Honest Grub

Just a short and leisurely walk from Shibuya station, you feel like you are discovering a hidden gem as you enter this converted house of a restaurant, tucked away from the main road. The cozy space fits around 16 people on the second floor, and the entire small first floor is taken up by the kitchen. Inside, the menu is written in English against a chalkboard, including daily specials on a portable, smaller chalkboard.  You can’t help but feel relaxed here.

I skimmed the usual menu and was tempted by the veggie lasagna, but opted instead for the veggies and swordfish from the daily specials. The veggies were delicious with a hint of butter and lemon. Surprisingly very flavorful and tasty for veggies! This place is like eating at your grandma’s house: delicious food on the healthier side. I can’t wait to try the brunch.


Good Honest Grub

2-20-8 Shibuya-ku Higashi


–Rebekah Chan