Chez Tomo

OK fine, so ‘frugal’ may not be the best word when describing a ¥5,780 dinner course, but did I mention that it is a six course meal? And that coffee and dessert are included? Lastly, it was awarded one Michelin star in 2009. For the overall experience it is definitely worth every penny/yen.

Of the six courses, you are able to select one appetizer and one main course (the other four courses are pre-selected for you). Of the appetizers you can select from typical French fare like terrines, foie gras, scallops, etc… and for the mains a wide selection of pork, fish and duck, to name a few. The highlight of the meal was the plate of 28 different vegetables. If you’re not a big veggie fan you might find this course useless, but it was a nice break from the rest of the rich dishes, and just look at how pretty this is!

The restaurant is cozy and intimate and most of the cutlery is uniquely designed (or at the very least conversation pieces):


If these small details still don’t convince you that Chez Tomo is special, just check out the dessert. This is the cheesecake:


Chez Tomo

5-15-5 Shirokane, Minato-ku

03 5789 7731

–Rebekah Chan