Welcome to Tokyo Foodspotting. Some of the first Japanese words you learn are all about food: sushi, yakitori, izakaya, sake… so why not explore the city through food? The variety of food Tokyo has to offer can be as overwhelming as the city itself but if you are looking for  the high-end Michelin rated restaurants in Tokyo, then you should buy a Michelin guide. This blog is dedicated to everyday eating in Tokyo.

Stay tuned for food from K-town (Korea town in Shin-Okubo) and other random cute foods you find everywhere. Check back every Tuesday for updates. Now onto Cheap & Cheerful Thai food:

Reasonably priced for Tokyo, Chao! Bamboo is a cheerful, down to earth food joint to get your fix of your staple Southeast Asian foods like pad thai, nasi goreng, pho and spring rolls etc… Off a small street in Jingumae area, during the colder days of the year their open area of stools and plastic covered tables are enclosed by a clear plastic sheet. The set up resembles a street food stall or a hawker center and naturally the  cleanliness also reminds you of such places.

Having overdosed on Thai food in Phuket a few weeks ago, my pad thai lacked the flavor you would normally find in real Thai food, but it still hit the spot after walking around Omotesando on a chilly day. The broth of the Pho wasn’t really ‘Pho’ either, but for 3000¥ you can’t really complain when that includes two ‘mains’, two drinks and a side of spicy eggplant. The menus are fully bilingual.

Chao! Bamboo

6-1-5 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


– Rebekah Chan