Having grown up loving “matcha” flavored everything, I was delighted to come across Kyo-Hayashiya, a serene retreat specializing in Kyoto teas with a focus on everything green tea – teas, shaved ice, ice cream, soft serve, mochi, cake, parfaits, green tea soba, ochazuke and tea-infused rice with seasonal dishes.

The cafe appears to be patronized mostly by well coiffed ladies who lunch during the weekdays, but on a recent weekend visit, families were happy enjoying various green tea meals together.

My favorite item is a gigantic shaved ice topped with condensed milk and green tea soft serve. The sweet creaminess of the condensed milk perfectly complements the subtle green tea soft serve and hidden at the bottom of the shaved ice mound are more Japanese delights – green tea flavored shaved ice, mochi and red bean. As the cute kid sitting next to me exclaimed to his mom after his first bite: “oishii!”

– Deb

Locations in Aoyama, Roppongi, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku and Yurakucho