I randomly wandered into this building off of Ginza exit  A2. I looked around and saw mainly tables of men having a good chat with their friends over a pint of beer. The atmosphere was lively in the background there was a huge tiled mural of half naked women gathering sheaves of wheat. For a man, perhaps this was paradise. This is the original Sapporo Lion Beer Hall in Ginza. Built in 1934 and designed by Mr Eizou Sugawara who was one of the best architects in Japan at the time. The interior is a gothic/art deco style  and for a moment I wondered what it would be like to be in this beer hall in the 1940s during the middle of a war. What kind of men would be in this beer hall at that time and what would they be discussing? I just read an article yesterday about the on-going debate between China and Japan over what happened in the past: Click here to read the article. As a female, Chinese Canadian, I could only wonder about the conversations that have taken place in this beer hall.

History aside, the beer hall is beautiful and you can tell that great care has been taken to construct this building. The menu has a wide selection of beer and other typical foods that go along with beer including, chorizo, fondue, fries, pizza and all that other good stuff. For a bit of nostalgia and a unique place to have a beer with your mates, check out the Sapporo Lion Beer Hall in Ginza.


Lion Beer Hall

Sapporo Ginza Building

7-9-2- Ginza, Chuo-Ku

3571 2590