Gram by name, ‘grammable by nature. A new shaved ice shop in Shimokitazawa has opened just in time for summer and isn’t shy about how it wants you to let everyone know about it: the shop front simply reads #Gram, hashtag included. Its chic, ceiling-to-floor white tile interior coupled with a counter crowded with rainbow-filled jars or every kind of colorful candy and glorious topping makes it a savvy social media snapper’s heaven.

Those rows of rainbow treats are the other reason Gram goes by its short, but sweet name: customers choose their own toppings and are only limited by their creativity and their budget, as toppings add an extra three yen per gram to your bill. Choose wisely and you can make a photogenic gem for under ¥1,000.

The Shimokitazawa store offers six shaved ice bases: milk, strawberry, Oreo, matcha, kinako powder, and blueberry. Or, as they’re known in the shop: #milkgram, #oreogram, #matchagram, #kinakogram, and #blueberrygram. Yes, they’re pretty dedicated to the theme. The milk base is the best option for those with creative tendencies, as it’s virtually a blank canvas for your topping desires. It also comes at a discount (¥680 per serving while the other bases cost ¥880 each), giving more wiggle room for your topping budget.

The cups are easy to hold and come with perfectly Instagrammable sleeves with the gram hashtag to remind you to share your creation for lots of likes.

Lastly, a word of warning: don’t spend too much time deliberating your topping design, because the whipped cream on top will melt and make your icy delight a flat, floppy, melted mess before you’ve taken that perfect postable pic. Trust us, we learned the hard way.

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