The world’s first hand-drip green tea shop, Tokyo Saryo, made waves when it opened this January. Now Lucy Alter Design, Inc., the firm behind Tokyo Saryo, is back with Senchado Tokyo, a shop dedicated to single origin sencha.

The shop, which opened November 3 in Ginza, is dedicated to high-quality sencha, the green tea created by infusing whole tea leaves in hot water, and ways to enjoy the age-old tea with a modern touch.

In just one example, Senchado Tokyo features a transparent teapot that rethinks the traditional 260-year-old sencha teapot called the kyusu. This sturdy 21st-century kyusu makes it exceptionally easy to brew a perfect cup of sencha at home or on the go.

The shop also offers tea tastings with snacks, allowing you to find the single origin sencha that’s right for you.

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