This week, our Shop Japan roundup is all about food. We introduce high-quality pantry items perfect for home chefs who love to cook their favorite dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen. From miso and dashi to coffee and pickled radish, we’ve got something for every kind of foodie.

1. ON THE UMAMI dashi Packs by FUTABACo., Ltd.

This Japanese broth was developed with care, attention and science to let anyone easily enjoy authentic dashi, with the vegetable and tomato flavors being the first in Japan to acquire vegan certification.

¥648–¥1,080. Buy here.

2. The Exclusive and Rare Japanese Tea Series by Chilty Co., Ltd.

Kabusecha green tea leaves are cultivated in Shizuoka Prefecture at an altitude of 650 meters, producing a sweet aroma with rich umami.

¥3,024–¥3,888. Buy here.

3. White Birch Sparkling Water “Shirase” by KUJIRA TERRACE CO., LTD.

Boasting natural flavors, this is Japan’s first carbonated water made from sap. Juice extracted from apples maximizes the birch tree sap’s sweetness.

Not for sale to the general public. Learn more.

4. Café GENSHIN by JAT Inc.

Breathe in the relaxing aroma of Café GENSHIN tea made from charred organic brown rice. Caffeine-free for night-time use with a detoxifying effect.

¥1,080–¥2,200. Buy here.

5. Nippon Misogura Meguri by MISOGEN (SHOKOKUBIMI)

In cooperation with nine miso producers around Japan, Misogen created these savory, freeze-dried miso soups to convey the uniqueness of each type and of each region of Japan.

¥594. Buy here.

6. Sanada’s Komatsuhime Koshihikari Premium Quality Rice by KANAINOUEN Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation)

An award-winner at the “International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation” for five years in a row, this is premium quality rice with a 430-year history.

¥2,700–¥5,400. Buy here.

7. Canned Pickled Daikon Radish by MICHIMOTO FOODS CO., LTD.

This long-respected Miyazaki Prefecture company spent years developing Japan’s first canned “takuan,” a pickled, sun-dried daikon radish packed with umami flavor.

¥330. Buy here.

8. White Birch syrup “Shirogane no Shizuku” by KUJIRA TERRACE CO., LTD.

Producing unparalleled flavors, Japan’s first sap syrup made from tree sap comes from the white birch forest in Hiraniwa Kogenin Iwate Prefecture.

¥1,944. Buy here.

9. Homemade whole fruit jam by Shirakawa Farm Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation)

A mother-daughter duo operating in Okinawa launched this whole-fruit jam series with the aim to reduce waste and preserve native fruits that could otherwise disappear.

¥5,400. Buy here.

10. Kombu vinegar Kiwami by SAKURAI SHOUTEN (TRI-LANE INC)

The balance of local Hokkaido ingredients in this kombu (kelp) vinegar is exquisite, with a new product made with Haskap berries launched to provide sustainable disaster support.

¥1,058. Buy here.

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.